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When people consider hiring Sam to tell stories at a festival, concert, or corporate event, it's helpful to hear what a Sam Payne show sounds like. While you can hear many of Sam's album recordings by CLICKING HERE, you can come to this page (this one right here -- the one you're on) to hear live recordings made at Sam's shows (sometimes by fans). Click around and have fun!

Camelot - Sam Payne

CAMELOT -- Make no mistake, this is a story about kissing Joyce Marden in the high school production of Camelot. The recording was made on the Exchange Place stage at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

A Ghost Story - Sam Payne

A GHOST STORY -- This is a recording of the story of Mark and his sister Scooter, and a thing that happens to them one winter night. The recording was made at the Totah theater in NM. 

Coconuts - Sam Payne

UNDERSTUDIES -- This is a live recording of a story about the mayhem behind a high school production of South Pacific. The story is called "Understudies," but fans usually call it "Coconuts." See if you can guess why.

The Escape of Gordon Pappas - Sam Payne

THE ESCAPE OF GORDON PAPPAS -- This is a telling of the story of Sam's grandfather, a prisoner of war in World War II. The recording was made in Vernal

Denis Zwang - Sam Payne

DENIS ZWANG -- This is a live recording of a story about Sam's friend, saxophonist Denis Zwang, and a very special concert performance following the funeral of Denis' father.  The recording was made at a house concert sponsored by Story Crossroads.

Where is Love - Sam Payne

WHERE IS LOVE -- Here's a story recorded in a house concert, about an unlikely friendship between Sam's son, Skyler, and Wayne Whitehead, the octogenarian patriarch of one of the oldest families in town 

Daddy's Drink - Sam Payne

DADDY'S DRINK -- This is a live recording of a fun story written for the children attending the Weber Storytelling Festival in Ogden, Utah. It tells the story of one unforgettable homemade treat.

Secret Fighter - Sam Payne

SECRET FIGHTER: KID SONGWRITERS AND THEIR GROWNUPS -- This is a live recording from the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. The songlet "Secret Fighter" was later made into a television commercial for "The Apple Seed" on BYU Radio.

The Girl From Riverton - Sam Payne

GIRL FROM RIVERTON -- This is a live recording of a story and song about Sam's first dance with a girl, when he was twelve. 

The Escape of Archibald Gardner - Sam Payne

THE ESCAPE OF ARCHIBALD GARDNER -- This is a musical story about the 19th-century white-knuckle river crossing of the St. Claire river by Archibald Gardner, on the run from an angry mob. It's good fun.

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