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The Apple Seed: Tellers and Stories is a radio hour dedicated to the art of storytelling --  a daily staple of BYU Radio programming since 2013. The show broadcasts live and recorded stories by nationally regarded storytellers, conversations about the hows and wherefores of storytelling, field recordings of stories shared by our neighbors and friends all over the country, and more. 


We love to broadcast personal stories on the show. If you've got one, and you'd be willing to write it down and record it, we'll help you get it in the right shape to be part of our library. Fill out the fields in the box to the right to let us know you're interested (we'll contact you and help get you rolling), and look at the guidelines in the green box below to give you an idea of what we're looking for. 

Click the play button for a sample of a personal story written and recorded for the Apple Seed

Some Guidelines 

On The Apple Seed, one of the things we love best is to find friends we admire (like you!), inviting them to write stories from their lives and record them for sharing on the show. Here are a couple of guidelines:


  • Generally, we’re asking for personal stories between eight and twelve minutes long, or about 1,200-1,800 written words.


  • The stories that succeed best on The Apple Seed tend to be stories of a single event or memory (rather than, for example, a sketch of a person’s whole life).


  • The stated motto of BYU Radio is “Talk About Good.” As such, stories that can be described with adjectives like “affirming,”  “redemptive,” or “upbeat” have a better chance of airing than stories that can be described with adjectives like “dark,” “edgy,” or “gritty.”


Once you’ve written your story, we’ll invite you into the studio (in the BYU Broadcasting building) to record it. Once it’s recorded, we can feature the story in future episodes of The Apple Seed: Tellers and Stories on BYU Radio. Again, thanks very much for your interest in being part of the tapestry of stories broadcasting daily on our show! 


"The Apple Seed is one of those rare things: a show that features the best in storytelling, hosted by Sam Payne, a master himself. Sam's work curating stories from around Utah, the country, and the world provides a really valuable resource for teller and listener, far beyond the reaches of Utah. In this age of fast media, Sam's work reminds us that a story is the best way to understand."  


--Bill Harley

"When the audience is respected, they will know they are loved, and when they know they are loved, their listening will take on greater fervor. Amazing things transpire. This happens on The Apple Seed. What Sam offers each day is real community with high art." 


--Andy Offutt Irwin



"'I heard you on the Apple Seed!' As I travel the country, I am approached with that greeting more times than I can count. Good job BYU Radio! Spreading the power of story everywhere!"


--Kim Weitkamp


"The Apple Seed is where I go to hear fantastic stories told by some of the best tellers on the planet."


--Antonio Sacre  

"As an overseas artist it's always a joy to work with BYU Radio. The host asks such great questions and the professionalism is on par with (and in some cases exceeds) that if the BBC , for whom I have also done many interviews. It's wonderful to share those interviews on my website and other media outlets. The Apple Seed truly has a global reach"

--Shonaleigh Cumbers

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