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sam payne


March 11-14: The Stars at Night are Big and Bright

This week, the City of Denton Texas Storytelling Festival takes the (Zoom) stage, featuring Sam, along with Heather Forest, Donna Washington, Eth-Noh-Tec, and more than 60 other fantastic storytellers. Best of all, you can watch from wherever you happen to be! Visit for details!

March 6:  Tunes and Tales, Six Feet Apart

Sam will be performing with Kim Wietkamp, Paul Strickland, and Rachel Ann Harding (and Claire, the wonderful MC) in an online show organized by Six Feet Apart Productions. Six Feet Apart has packed the cyberworld with great storytelling shows since last March, filling the COVID-19 era with comfort, laughs, and great vibes. This show will be an evening filled with...well...comfort, laughs, and great vibes -- and MUSIC!) Deets at the link. Would love to see you there.

February 22: A Silver Anniversary for a Grand old Festival

Twenty-five years ago, Sam had my first storytelling gig. It was under the big tents on the lawn over a rainy weekend at Weber State University, at the very first annual WSU Storytelling Festival.  This year, the festival turns 25. Sam joins Ed Stivender, Motoko, Simon Brooks, and lots of other storytelling friends, young and old. It's all online, it's all free, and it all unfolds story by story over the next 25 days.

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